Improves efficiency of mixing and deaeration of small amounts of material. The smallest model of the series.

Product Description

The smallest model of the series developed to efficiently mix, disperse, and deaerate small amounts of material. It uses a disposable container (100ml) as the standard container and saves the cleaning workload, making itself suitable for research and development where many cases of initial consideration are made. The compact and suitable-anywhere design has enabled itself to be selected at many universities and research institutes where a large number of equipment, devices, and facilities limit their space.


  • Most suitable for initial consideration in research and development where small amounts of materials are repeatedly tested
  • Disposable container eliminates the fuss of cleaning
  • Memory function for simple pre-setting of mixing and deaeration condition
  • Sliding door enables good workability
  • Strobe function enables visual checking of mixing status in the container
  • Dimensions: H328 x W250 x D250 (mm)
  • Weight: Approx. 15kg
  • Capacity: When using 100ml disposable container
    50ml ・ 100g (net)
    50ml ・ 140g (gross)


Coming Soon!!