State of the art twin system that can vary the rotation-revolution ratio.

Achieves real time monitoring of material temperature.

Product Description

The built in mechanism can vary the ratio of rotation, while the twin system is newly developed. Mixes and deaerates a maximum 500 ml/800g of material (gross). This machine can set and reproduce optimal recipes for materials whose temperature is hard to control because it can detect material temperatures in containers in real time during operation with the combined use of the newly developed sensor unit incorporating non-contact sensors (optional). A PC connector (USB TypeB) is installed on the back of the unit as standard equipment, achieving parameter setting, rotations during operation and temperature monitoring.


  • Rotation and revolution independent variable mechanism mounted
  • Twin system, maximum capacity 250ml/400g × 2 (gross)
  • Mixing capacity can mix high-viscosity material such as viscous grease with viscosity 4,000Pa s
  • Can use a sensor unit that can detect temperature of materials being mixed in real time (optional)
  • Effective in setting recipes for materials that do not like temperature rise
  • Through external PC connections, can display recipe settings, rotations during operation, and material temperature in real time (USB Type B standard equipment)
  • Can remote control through external PC connections (optional RS485 terminal)
  • Dimensions: H560×W460×D480(mm)
  • Weight: Approx. 70kg
  • Capacity: When using 300ml container
    250ml・340g×2 (net)
    250ml・400g×2 (gross)


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