Medium-size, general-purpose model supporting upgrade to a maximum of 500ml capacity and production.

Product Description

Medium-size, general-purpose model for upgrading from a smaller model. The highly durable drive system employed is developed assuming high-frequency use including production. The rotation radius increasing effect and optimized rotation-revolution ratio improves mixing performance, and the deaeration performance is as good as the smaller models. It is mainly employed for uses that require batch-processing of a certain amount and processing of materials whose issue is uniform dispersion, including mixing and deaeration of urethane resin, even mixing of suspension, as well as preparation of alumina slurry.


  • Supports upgrading from smaller models
  • High-durability drive system suitable for production
  • Maximum of 500ml or 1.1kg of material can be simultaneously mixed and deaerated
  • A wide range of adapters extending the variations of containers usable (syringes, barrels, and disposable containers)
  • Cold-insulated, heat-resistant adapter supporting various characteristics of materials
  • Memory and step-operation functions for controlling operating conditions
  • H692 x W500 x D500 (mm)
  • Weight: Approx. 95kg
  • Capacity: When using 550ml container
    500ml ・ 1.0kg (net)
    500ml ・ 1.1kg (gross)


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