ARV-310 / ARV-310LED

ARV-310 / ARV-310LED

Standard vacuum mixer enabling uniform mixing and elimination of submicron-level air bubbles.

Product Description

Combining vacuum pressure reduction function with rotation and revolutionmixing enables efficient elimination of submicron-level air bubbles. With rotation and revolution movement under vacuum pressure reduction, deareation of high-viscosity materials; which was considered difficult, can now be performed with excellent quality. The processing time can be further reduced compared to the atmospheric mixer. In terms of operation; the centrifugal force of revolution during the mixing process suppresses the material within the container, eliminating the need to keep an eye on the material so that it does not overflow, as is needed with static vacuum chambers.

ARV-310LED is a mixer dedicated for uniform dispersion of high-specific-weight material such as fluorescent material without letting it settle down in low-viscosity silicon resin. The rotation-revolution ratio of ARV-310LED is optimized for this purpose. When using for fluorescent material, several grams to the maximum of 100g of materials can be dispersed and deaerated.


  • Simultaneous mixing, dispersion, and submicron-level air bubble elimination
  • Deaeration of high-viscosity materials difficult to be processed by a centrifugal separator
  • Reduced processing time and improved deareation performance compared to the atmospheric type mixer
  • Centrifugal force of revolution prevents overflow of material during operation
  • High-specific-weight materials such as fluorescent material can be evenly dispersed and deaerated without sedimentation (ARV-310LED)
  • Dimensions: H450 x W555 x D645 (mm)
  • Weight: Approx. 90kg
  • Capacity: When using 300ml container:
    Under atmospheric pressure:
    250ml ・ 250g (net)
    250ml ・ 310g (gross)
    When vacuum:
    200ml ・ 250g (net)
    200ml ・ 310g (gross)