EQR-100 – Vibratory Disc Mill

EQR-100 – Vibratory Disc Mill

The EQR-100 Vibratory Disc Mill is a grinding mill especially designed to obtain analytical grain sizes in a wide variety of samples, such as glass, earth, slags, metallic oxides, ferroalloys, cements, and ceramic materials amongst others.
It can quickly grind a wide range of different materials, from semihard to the hardest, more fragile or fibrous. Its ease of handling and the robustness of all its components make of this mill a unit able to work for long hours practically maintenance free.


Product Description

The acoustic insulation lining the inside helps to achieve a low noise level during the milling process, avoiding thus the exposure of the user to noise.
The fixing system of the milling jars, as well as the interlocking system of the door preventing it from opening until the engine is completely still, make of this mill a highly safe unit.
The frequency converter in the mill, apart from allowing adjusting the speed of the engine to the most appropriate for each type of sample, enables the unit to reach the working speed as well as go to zero speed using an acceleration or deceleration ramp, avoiding the unit from vibrating in the starting up and stopping process.
The grinding of the sample is made inside the jar with the initial hitting of the discs and the subsequent friction resulting between the discs and the jar. The milling times are really short.


Technical description

  • Method: friction, mixing and grinding
  • Applications: Cement Industry, Metallurgical Industry, Thermal Power Plants, Environmental Laboratories, Material Recovery Industries, Recycling Plants, Geology and Mineralogy, Ceramic Industry.
  • Initial grain size: < 15mm
  • Final grain size: < 40 ┬Ám
  • Milling speed: Regulable / 1500rpm
  • Engine power: 750W
  • Power Source: 220V
  • Milling Jars: Steel 100 ml / Steel 200 ml / Tungsten Carbide 100 ml / Tungsten Carbide 200 ml
  • Dimensions: 104 cm. (height) x 80 cm. (width) x 60 cm. (depth)
  • Approximate weight: 250 kg.


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