Isothermal Battery Calorimeter

Isothermal Battery Calorimeter

Measure heat release under isothermal conditions during charge/discharge protocols. Designed for cylindrical cells

Product Description

The IBC provides accurate and easy testing of heat output from charging and discharging a single battery.

Heat occurring during the charging and discharging of batteries is largely due to their internal impedance. Characterisation of this heat at different operating temperatures is vital for efficient thermal mangement of cells in packs or modules.

Isothermal calorimeters have higher sensitivity that adiabatic calorimeters. Their temperature range is limited and they are not appropriate for safety abuse testing when battery disintegration or high temperatures may result.


  • Accurate heat measurement down to 10µW over temperature range
  • Wide dynamic range up to 9W
  • Small footprint, no ancillary cooling equipment required
  • Windows based control software, USB connection

Cell format:

  • Cylindrical

Study Battery:

  • Stability, Performance, Efficiency, Life cycle


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