multiEQP-100 – Metallic samples

multiEQP-100 – Metallic samples

The versatility of the new MultiEQP-100 makes of this unit an essential instrument for treating and manufacturing metallic samples. Useful for cutting, crushing and punching metallic samples, it also includes the capacity to press pellets for its subsequent analysis by XRF. The objective of punching the samples is to obtain pins for their analysis in Elemental Analyzers.


Product Description

The special adaptability conditions of the MultiEQP-100 enable it to undertake varied tasks straight away. It has got a special system for the quick and safe changing of the different tools, for many purposes.
The need of our clients of having different tools available immediately led us to develop the MultiEQP-100 into a sample processing system, as it is able to hold up to three different working pistons at the same time each with the capacity of taking in multiple kinds of tools. In fact we can manufacture the tools at request based on the user’s needs. Each of these work stations can be directly controlled from the Control Unit – via a digital display-, from where we can adjust the desired time, the path of the piston and the pressure, up to 50 tons.
When the user selects the working program,, is simultaneously making available the appropriate working station.
Due to the hardness some of the samples can reach (for example, C > 0,2), they can’t be processed directly and must be pre-heated to soften the metal. Complementing this unit with the EQH-3.0 Induction Heater allow you to quickly and conveniently process those kind of samples.


Technical description

  • Method: pressing, cutting, crushing, punching
  • Applications: Metal Industry
  • Speed control: frequency converter 0/200Hz
  • Engine Power: 750W
  • Power source: 220V
  • Consumables: Aluminium caps diam. 40 mm
  • Dimensions: Control Unit: 40 cm. (height) x 51 cm. (width) x 42 cm. (depth)
  • Weight of the Control Unit: 40kg
  • Weight of the piston: 60kg