Nano pulverization of minimal (100mg) to small (10g) quantity material in a short time is possible.
Wet milling type of nano pulverizer for research and development applications


Product Description

The NP-100 has two functions; the MILL/MIX mode can pulverize and mix solution, and the CLEAN MEDIA mode can separate the pulverized media from the solution after pulverization. Standard pulverization recipe by making THINKY is available for pulverization. Very fine zirconia balls are separated from the suspension by a mesh filter at CLEAN MEDIA mode. The NP-100 without zirconia balls also uses as a strong mixing and degassing mixer. It works wonderfully in uniform mixing for the dispersion of nano material and in the removal of air bubbles derived from the surfactants added to stabilize the dispersion of nano particles.


  • 100mg (10ml liquid) is the minimum quantity pulverized
  • Pulverizing time 2-5 minutes
  • Provides standard recipes for pulverizing
  • Chamber atmosphere can be cooled to -20℃
  • Achieves effective nano pulverization with smaller ball weight
  • The batch method enhances workability when cleaning
  • By processing in sealed containers contamination is minimized
  • Uniform dispersion (preparation of suspension) and deaeration after pulverization


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